How to Stage your Home

Staged Homes Sell

In half of the time and for 15% more money.

The Picture Perfect Solution to Selling a Home

Vacant homes are tough to sell. Potential buyers can’t visualize how their furnishings will look. The house feels stale and often invites vandalism. According to the National Association of Realtors, staging will sell your home in half the time for 10-15% more money!  With our live-in Professional Home Managers, the home is transitioned into a magazine model home within a week. Certified design experts bring in furnishings, accents, and flowers to turn your home into a buyer’s dream. Home managers are responsible for keeping the house in show-to-sell condition, 7 days a week, with a 2-hour notice for showings.

The homes are inspected regularly by our professional management team. Utilities and most lawn costs will be taken care of. When the house sells, our Home Manager will move out within 30-45 days, leaving the house Picture Perfect.

A Dirty Little Secret

Insurance companies know vacant homes invite vandalism, so vacancy insurance can be seven times more expensive! If you don’t have it and you’re not living at the house, insurance companies will interview your neighbors then pay nothing for a claim.

Why Work With Us

  • FREE staging for your qualified property
  • We transition your house into a magazine model home within a week
  • Most of your utilities and lawn costs are paid for
  • Vacant homes invite vandalism
  • Vacancy Insurance can increase Home Owners Insurance cost up to 7 times
  • Your house will be Show Ready, 9-7 daily with a 2-hour notice for a showing

Our Professional Home Managers move out in time for closing, guaranteed. Picture Perfect Staging has over 10 years of experience, has placed over 2,800 home managers and helped hundreds of realtors and owners sell their homes. Owner of Picture Perfect, Ms. Laura McInnes, was National Training Director at a Fortune 500 Company, as well as Field Marketing Manager for E. J. Gallo Winery.  Ms. McInnes understands the importance of operational excellence and quality customer service.

Home Managers Make the House Perfect

  • Usually Executives in Transition
  • Picture Perfect showing guaranteed!
  • Furniture package approved for your home
  • Showings only need a 2-hour notice
  • Move out in time for closing
  • Regular inspections
  • House returned in perfect condition

Our Guarantee

Staging only takes a week but we make sure your property is Picture Perfect every day.

Picture Perfect showings require a team of professionals. Our team has a high level of Operations and Control Systems Experience. Showings occur from 9-7 daily, with a 2-hour notice. Our professionally trained home managers turn on the lights, open the blinds, and make sure all light bulbs are working.
Realtors don’t have time for these important details with 10 to 15 showings in a day! Regular inspections of the home ensure that little things, such as chinch bugs and water intrusion, don’t become big things.
All maintenance issues are recorded and the owner is promptly notified. When the house closes, your buyers get a fresh professionally cleaned home –
in time for closing.

Vacant Staging

  • Whole house staging or partial home staging starting at $1,100 per month.
  • Options to pay a % of the sale price at closing available.
  • Current & today’s In-Style furniture – not flea market bargains.
  • Staging is the best marketing strategy available with proven results

Begin by finding your local Home and Staging Management Consultant

Or for immediate assistance, call Laura at our corporate office, at (904) 874-5290.